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May 2010

In memory of Kathleen (Kathy) Weaver

Kathy Weaver, Treasured FriendKathy Weaver, 1952-2010November 8, 1952-May 17, 2010

Dedicated member of the Engineering Career Services team, valued co-worker and treasured friend from 2004-2010. She always put others first, gave every task her best effort, and was cheerful and uncomplaining throughout a long illness.

Her advice, wisdom and kindness were much appreciated by the more than 1100 students she helped with career and job search concerns and the many others whose lives she touched in some way. Thanks to her patient and helpful assistance, hundreds of employers found it easy to hire Ohio State University engineering students.

This is a deep loss for Engineering Career Services. Our most heart-felt condolences go to her family in their loss.

Authored by ECS.

Internships and Co-ops from the Employer's Perspective

This week's blog article was written by Dan Lamone, one of the Graduate Advisors in the ECS office.

In this week's blog I wanted to give you some insight into the goal of internship & co-op programs from the employer's perspective. Understanding how employers value and evaluate ECIP experience will hopefully enhance your job search strategy by changing the way you communicate with employers/recruiters.

Let me jump straight to the point. Companies do not hire intern or co-op students because they want to give students industry experience. The experience you gain and the skills that you develop benefit the employer if your productivity increases. Of course, you benefit from increased skills, but that is not the primary concern for the employer. Internship and co-op programs are long-term investments in intellectual capital to increase the value of a company. Companies invest their time and money into training you to work in … 

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Finishing Up Your Freshman Year

Finishing up that first year? Get Registered with ECIP over summer break!

During the latter half of spring quarter after completing your first year at OSU, you'll begin to receive information within your CARMEN account to get started with the Engineering Co-op and Internship Program [ECIP]. ECIP is part of Engineering Career Services and registration for a job search account is a vital first step for your job search for an internship and/or co-op position.

ECIP provides job search assistance through individual appointments, workshops, on-line tutorials, resume consultations, practice interviews and many other job search relevant topics. The earlier you complete the registration after your third quarter here at OSU, the better you'll be positioned to begin interviewing for internship or co-op opportunities.

If you will be on or near campus this summer, then after you have completed the CARMEN registration session, call ECS at 292-6651 to complete your registration … 

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