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There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea!

This entry features ECS graduate advisor, Dan Lamone, who is also pursuing his masters degree in chemical engineering at OSU...

This week we would like to follow up with what Geoff Sieron discussed two weeks ago about expanding your job search -- and why.

Ever heard of Boeing? Dow Chemical? General Electric? General Motors? Exxon Mobil? As an engineer, chances are pretty solid that you have, because those companies are household names. They are industry leaders in their respective markets, are recognized globally and comfortably find themselves in the ‘Fortune 50' as the biggest fish in the sea. Their reputations attract the best and brightest engineers from all over the world and as such, they have a strong recruiting presence anywhere they go.

Although more than 60% of the Fortune 50 (largest corporations) hire through ECS, these companies represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of total engineering recruitment here at Ohio State. How many companies that hire engineers can you name that are not on the ‘Fortune 500' or ‘Fortune 50'? Since 2003, over 3,000 different companies have been interested in hiring Ohio State students through ECS -- and your job search account can help you broaden your job search to learn about companies you may have never considered - or heard of -- before.

If you click on the "employers" section in your job search account, you can select your major in the industry drop-down field. This will bring up every company that has tried to hire students in your major since 2003, a "profile" explaining who they are, which was entered by the employer, and a link to their website. This list will contain dozens (most likely hundreds) of companies for you to investigate. In addition to expanding your job search, by browsing through this list you can:

  • Get an idea what jobs are out there and in what industries;

  • See skills employers are looking for and their ideal candidates;

  • Take the initiative and be proactive about your job search;

  • Potentially discover your new career opportunity as you can often find or inquire about job postings on their website that may not currently be on the ECS website.

As with any job search strategy, ECS services are just the beginning. Although you should start with current interview and job listing opportunities so you don't miss employers now seeking OSU engineers, you can expand your possibilities if you go to our homepage and click "student resources." There are 3 links towards the bottom: ‘Company Research Links', ‘Career Planning links', and ‘Job Search Links'. Each link provides you with several research tools to research employment opportunities and industries even further. Actually, several of those links are conveniently linked on the "home" page of your ECS job search account!

It can be very worthwhile to spend some time looking into these companies IN ADDITION to those companies whose names everyone recognizes. When I was a sophomore in chemical engineering, I applied to a small advanced materials company here in Columbus that I had never heard of before. By the time I graduated (which I admit took a LONG time) I had 4 full-time quarters of internship experience, a fully-financed undergraduate degree, had co-authored 3 patents and had managed over 20 internship students. Yes, you can acquire excellent experience with Boeing, Dow, GM and Exxon, but there plenty of other fish in the sea - why limit your options to employers you already know?

"Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success."
-Martha Stewart

Authored by an ECS guest.