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A Jobseeker's New Year's Resolutions

As you know, 2009 was characterized by one of the most difficult job markets in decades. If you’re ready for a fresh start in the New Year, consider these resolutions to gear up for a successful search in 2010.

  • I will review which tactics did and did not yield results last year, and I will work to understand how I might improve in those areas that did not do as well as I had hoped.

  • I will set myself weekly goals during my job search and keep to their deadlines. I will organize my job search time, structuring my daily and weekly calendar with specific activities.

  • I will prioritize my job search above television, video games, or recreational internet use.

  • I will not spam my resume to companies where I am seeking employment. Instead, I will tailor my resume to each company, so that my relevant skills are stressed for each specific position. The company will know I am serious and intent on working there.

  • I will frequently visit my ECS job search account to review and apply for current jobs and interviews, including those with unfamiliar companies and industries. I will make use of other recommended resources, especially those linked on the ‘home’ page of my account.

  • I will attend more networking events, preparing in advance to discuss my strengths and interest in the company/industry, and will do the same for career fairs, instead of just showing up to pass out resumes.

  • I will open my mind to market realities, including the possibility of relocation.

  • I will learn about networking and informational interviewing and add these techniques to my job search strategies.

  • I will do part-time or volunteer work to keep myself busy, and to also answer the question interviewers will put to me regarding what I have been doing while unemployed.

  • I will ask an ECS advisor, friends or family to give me full and honest criticism of my resume and of my interview tactics, even if it may be difficult to hear.

  • I will not become frustrated with my job search, or, if I do, I will not take out that frustration on my friends or family.

  • And most importantly, I will not give up!



We in Engineering Career Services are here to help you through your 2010 job search. We wish you health, happiness, and success in 2010.

Liberally based on a 12-2009 essay by Bill Griffin, a search consultant, with many years of experience working with the unemployed.

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."
-Oprah Winfrey


Authored by Rosemary Hill.

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