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ECS says goodbye to Jessica Hall

If you’ve visited Engineering Career Services in the past two years, while looking for a co-op or internship position, perhaps you’ve met with Graduate Advisor, Jessica (Santaguida) Hall. Jessica has met with hundreds of students in a variety of capacities…resume building, interviewing help, and workshop facilitation to name a few. While Jessica was here, she developed a “Personal Branding” workshop that has helped numerous engineering students understand how to better distinguish themselves in a tight job market.

Jessica’s duel Masters Degrees in Higher Education and Human Resources has provided a unique viewpoint through which she advises students in their job search. To quote Jessica, her favorite things about working at ECS were “meeting with smart, ambitious engineering students and helping them realize their full potential in the job market. Every day was different; each engineering student presented a unique resume and discussion about how their life experiences could uniquely position … 

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Creating Your Personal Brand

In today's competitive job market, it is important to distinguish yourself as a candidate. Creating a "personal brand" will allow you to present yourself in a way that demonstrates who you are and what you are about. It is an image that you want others to see. When interviewing for a position, you are essentially trying to sell that employer your "personal brand". In order to ensure that you have a "quality product", take a look at some of the following tips:

Be Relevant.

In order to be relevant, you must ensure that what you have to offer has a place in today's world. You want to be sure that your skills are closely aligned with what the job requires in terms of technology, current business practices, and so forth. Being aware of and knowledgeable about what is taking place in the world around you is one way to ensure … 

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Make Your Cover Letter Count in a Competitive Job Market

Today's blog is written by Kelli Robinson from JobWeb.

Today’s primary modes of communication are e-mail, text messages, and web pages. The job search process is no different. Most job searches are done on the Internet, and job seekers e-mail their resumes or complete online applications.

Given these facts: Are cover letters still necessary?

While the answer varies, the majority of human resource representatives and recruiters say yes. Done the right way, a cover letter can capture the second glance needed in a competitive job market.

There are two tips for crafting a catchy cover letter: follow the formula and personalize it.

Tip #1: Follow the formula
Cover letters contain four components with one essential question answered in each.

Paragraph One – Introduction
Who are you and why are you writing?

Paragraph Two – Highlight of Qualifications
How has your education, previous employment, or other experiences repared you for the … 

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As an advisor in ECS, I see a lot of resumes in need of improvement...some students need to make formatting adjustments, others could use work on their content or wording, and occasionally, there are resumes that need to be entirely revamped. Lucky for me (and my coworkers), most engineering students understand the reasons behind the recommended resume improvements. Just remember: proofing your resume is a must! Check out some of these resume blunders from some unfortunate job seekers taken from Resumania

OBJECTIVE: "To find a challenging and rewarding job in a _______."
Should we fill in the blank?

OBJECTIVE: "I am looking for the medical field."
Let us know when you find it.

JOB DUTIES: "Assist callers and answer heavy phones."
That's one way to build up your biceps.

JOB DUTIES: "Relieved on the front desk."
Well, maybe no one noticed.


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Get a head start on becoming a P.E.!

Engineers: are you graduating in AU 2009 or WI 2010?

Get a head start on becoming a P.E.! [professional engineer]


Application Deadline: Friday, July 24, 2009 [July 16 for Dean’s letter]
Exam date: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

1. Obtain an official application form:
2. Graduating seniors must include an "Engineering Dean's Statement of Certification" with their applications. Go to the College Office, 122 Hitchcock Hall, to request this “Dean’s Statement.” Please allow five (5) working days for processing.
3. Send completed applications to the Ohio Professional Engineers and Surveyors Board, postmarked by Friday, July 24, 2009.
For detailed instructions, visit:
4. You must be approved by the Ohio’s Engineers & Surveyors Board to register for the … 

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