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Fall On-campus Recruiting Preview

Despite the grim news about unemployment and hiring trends that have been dominating media reports during the past few months, the outlook for on-campus recruiting opportunities for students is going to remain good this year. At the time of posting, more than 70 employers have reservations for on-campus interviews this fall and many more have job postings entered in the Engineering Career Services online recruiting system.

This is not the time to be complacent in your job search however, or to let the quality of your resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills slip. While there may still be a keen demand from employers for top talent, the number of individual positions each company is looking to fill is expected to be far fewer this year and competition for those slots will remain fierce.

To be competitive, plan ahead, prepare early and do your homework! Now is the best time to … 

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Student Perspective: Navigating workplace hurdles, proving your competence

This entry features guest writer, Abdul Rahman El Husseini, who is a senior electrical and computer engineering student...

Maybe you're worried that one of the tasks you'll undertake as an intern will be making sure the coffee is at the right temperature beside the mouse pad by 7:59 AM right before your manager arrives. Or maybe you envision spending hours at the copy machine, or having to work monotonously for hours on end on other mundane tasks.

What's the reality? Well, besides the fact that every job has its mundane elements, in fact, it's simply more cost-effective to have the least-experienced, lowest paid staff member do the less complex jobs. Someone's got to do them! For example, having to type an inventory of items into a spreadsheet might be something you're assigned as an intern, or manually checking the status of thousands of table loads into a database might … 

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Use summer to plan ahead for your fall job search

August is my favorite time to enjoy the sweet smell of sun lotion mixed with chlorine from the local swimming pool. The start of the school year, although approaching quickly, seems far off.

At work, though, I see signs that the fall is quickly approaching and that the aggressive and prepared (and perhaps local) students are scheduling resume reviews and activating their accounts to get ready for the applications and interviews ahead.

Employers are calling daily and have started registering for Engineering Expo 2009. Our calendar is filling up with employer visits.

Are you ready for recruiting season?

  • Activate your job search account so that employers know you are looking for a job.

  • Update your resume and/or schedule a resume review appointment with ECS...we are already scheduling appointments for September!

  • Prepare for your interviews. Practice an introductory statement about yourself.

  • Bring appropriate interview attire and business casual clothes with … 
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Think About Your Safety When You Prepare for an Interview

Most students don’t think about the dangers potentially associated with the interview process. Understanding what’s “normal” and what’s not is an important part of interview preparation. Although an employer or interviewer is in a position of authority and power, it DOES NOT give them the right to manipulate, harass, coerce, or take advantage of you in any way.

When interviewing for a position off campus, or for something that you found outside of the ECS system…

  1. Make sure it’s a legitimate company and job! Know what company you are interviewing with! Some companies may post jobs that aren’t what they advertise to be. For example, a company may advertise that they want “high-energy, responsible mechanical engineers for an exciting opportunity”, but the job is really a sales position and they display the same job description but change the field to draw in as many unsuspecting college students as they can … 
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ECS is open all summer!

Our summer hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. ECS has less student traffic during summer quarter, so if you are on going to be on campus, take the opportunity to meet with an advisor regarding your job search. We can help revise your resume, evaluate your job search strategy, and improve your interview skills, just to name a few things. It’s not too early to gear up for fall recruiting! To schedule an appointment, call our front desk at 292-6651.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
-Alan Lakein

Authored by Rachel Kaschner.