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Bringing Your Interviews to a Positive Conclusion

The interview's almost over. You're confident that you've successfully answered the behavioral questions with complete STARs. You've been able to talk about the strengths and interests you have that match the job.

You've asked several questions that demonstrate that you have read about the company and have thought about the job and employer.

Then the employer glances at the clock and says, "Well, I see our time is almost up. Do you have any more questions for me?"

How do you end your interview on a positive note?


  1. Don't just say "No," even if you can't think of any more questions!

  2. Don't ask how you did in the interview. You're not likely to get a candid answer anyway, so why put your interviewer on the spot?

  3. Don't ask about salary, vacation, or any benefits. Wait until you actually have an offer to evaluate.






  1. Take the hint. Time's almost up! This is not the time to start asking a long list of questions. If you haven't had a chance to ask your most important question or two, ask, "Do I have time for another question or two?" before you ask. [You don't want the recruiter to become impatient and concerned about the time.]

  2. Ask about the next steps in the process and timing of the decision. "I think most of my initial questions have been answered, but I am curious to know what the next steps - and timing--would be if I have the opportunity to move on in your process."

  3. Express interest in the job and summarize why you're a good candidate. "I'm really interested in this job and believe I'd be a good candidate because... ."

  4. Be polite. "Thank you-I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about.... ."

  5. Ask for a business card. (And follow up with a thank-you email - or even an actual letter - within 2 working days.) Check out the Resources section of your CareerEngine account for templates.




"Smarts and action are on the same side of the equation where the sum is success."
-Garrett Hazel




Authored by Rosemary Hill.