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October 2009

Getting Your Feet Wet

This entry features ECS graduate advisor, Dan Lamone, who is also pursuing his masters degree in chemical engineering at OSU...

Aside from those long-ago lackadaisical summer breaks, think back to the last time you weren't in school. You were likely gearing up for the alphabet in preschool. In a few short years, you'll be graduating and making the transition to a full-time career after spending some 18+ years in school.

It will be an exciting time! However, understanding the differences between academia and the working world requires experience. For example, you can read up on swimming for months and even take a class from Michael Phelps, but swimming will be a foreign concept until you actually take a dip in the pool.

Internship and co-op experiences provide invaluable insight, both positive and negative, about your career choices, major(s), and fields of interest. You may discover during your internship that consumer … 

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Bringing Your Interviews to a Positive Conclusion

The interview's almost over. You're confident that you've successfully answered the behavioral questions with complete STARs. You've been able to talk about the strengths and interests you have that match the job.

You've asked several questions that demonstrate that you have read about the company and have thought about the job and employer.

Then the employer glances at the clock and says, "Well, I see our time is almost up. Do you have any more questions for me?"

How do you end your interview on a positive note?


  1. Don't just say "No," even if you can't think of any more questions!

  2. Don't ask how you did in the interview. You're not likely to get a candid answer anyway, so why put your interviewer on the spot?

  3. Don't ask about salary, vacation, or any benefits. Wait until you actually have an offer to evaluate.






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Student Perspective: Connecting with other intern and co-ops

This entry features guest writer, Brittany Niles, who is a junior chemical engineering student...

Connecting with other interns and co-ops can be very beneficial to your experience-both in and out of the office. How easy or enjoyable it is to connect varies greatly between companies. The number/type of interns, company environment, housing setup, and social opportunities all play a role. In any setting, building relationships with coworkers can improve your entire experience.

I have experienced two very different internship programs and benefited from building relationships with other interns in both. BP's Toledo Oil Refinery typically has four interns at a time. When I interned there last year, there were only three of us. We all sat in the same office and worked together on many assignments. This setup made it very easy for us to get to know each other quickly and establish lasting friendships. Work became more enjoyable, and … 

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Flu Season

With flu season approaching and the increased number of H1N1 cases (aka Swine Flu), ECS is taking precautionary measures to protect its staff, recruiters, and students from getting sick during the busy fall season. ECS has several staff members with compromised immunity, so we are making a concerted effort to keep our office as germ-free as possible. Employers have also expressed growing concern regarding the H1NI virus and the flu when arranging to visit campus for recruitment. This year, it's likely that many recruiters won't be shaking hands, in hopes of reducing the spread of germs. Don't be offended if someone doesn't want to shake hands.

Take simple precautions to keep yourself healthy during flu season...get your flu shot, get enough sleep, eat healthfully, drink plenty of water, take a multivitamin, wash your hands often (or use hand sanitizer), avoid contact with sick people, and avoid touching your nose/mouth … 

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