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Fall On-campus Recruiting Preview

Despite the grim news about unemployment and hiring trends that have been dominating media reports during the past few months, the outlook for on-campus recruiting opportunities for students is going to remain good this year. At the time of posting, more than 70 employers have reservations for on-campus interviews this fall and many more have job postings entered in the Engineering Career Services online recruiting system.

This is not the time to be complacent in your job search however, or to let the quality of your resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills slip. While there may still be a keen demand from employers for top talent, the number of individual positions each company is looking to fill is expected to be far fewer this year and competition for those slots will remain fierce.

To be competitive, plan ahead, prepare early and do your homework! Now is the best time to schedule a resume review, take advantage of any mock interviews or interviewing skills workshops offered through Engineering Career Services and start researching companies and types of positions you are interested in.

Another casualty of the economic downturn is the number of employer events and information sessions on campus. Expect to see far fewer of these events on campus this fall. So be sure to make the most of the opportunities that are available by checking the events calendar in your account and noting the events that you are interested in attending.

Recent reports suggest the economy is slowly turning around, which is great news on the hiring front, but bear in mind that the job market will lag behind recovery efforts and there will still be many more months of a depressed hiring climate. Compounding this effect is the existing inventory of experienced candidates that will still be looking for jobs.

Keep in mind that your best chance for finding a job is still participating in fall on-campus interviewing with Engineering Career Services so don’t let the next few months of opportunity pass you by! You will be able to begin applying for positions with October interview dates as early as September 21st.
Good luck and happy job hunting!

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”
-Sarah Caldwell

Authored by Elisabeth Zimowski.