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As an advisor in ECS, I see a lot of resumes in need of improvement...some students need to make formatting adjustments, others could use work on their content or wording, and occasionally, there are resumes that need to be entirely revamped. Lucky for me (and my coworkers), most engineering students understand the reasons behind the recommended resume improvements. Just remember: proofing your resume is a must! Check out some of these resume blunders from some unfortunate job seekers taken from Resumania

OBJECTIVE: "To find a challenging and rewarding job in a _______."
Should we fill in the blank?

OBJECTIVE: "I am looking for the medical field."
Let us know when you find it.

JOB DUTIES: "Assist callers and answer heavy phones."
That's one way to build up your biceps.

JOB DUTIES: "Relieved on the front desk."
Well, maybe no one noticed.

DUTIES: "I was the company's liaison with the sock exchange."
We'll trade you six ankle socks for three argyle legwarmers.

DUTIES: "Coordinated all employee schedules and maintained pay roll."
Plain or sesame?

DUTIES: "I was a sales representative. My goal was to sell as many and as much product as possible."
Sounds like a good plan...

EXPERIENCE: "Detailed-oriented saleman."
We have our doubts.

QUALIFICATIONS: "I have the brain of a sponge."
But did you absorb any skills?

SKILL SUMMARY: "Adept at working in a pressurized environment."
Do you need special equipment for that?

PERSONAL: "I am in good health and I love the outdoors and computers."
We'll call you if a position opens up with an office in the woods.

OTHER: "Joined the Air Force in 1776."
Was it a kite brigade?

Stay tuned for future blog installments featuring more humor from Resumania!

“The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right."
-Edward Simmons


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