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Make your own career fair

There is no career fair in the spring for engineering students. Career fairs are great because you get to speak to a company representative in person. Often, however, companies will just use that person to collect your resume. So, as long as the company gets your resume and considers you for a job, does it really matter that you did not submit it to a person?

If I were an engineering student, whether looking for my career job or a co-op/internship, I would make my own Career Fair. For this fair, no suits are required until I get an interview. Most of it could be done on my deck with a laptop and an ice cold drink.

First of all, I would log into my job search account and apply for all the current postings that fit me. I’d check out the useful link on my account’s ‘home’ page, too. I would make a list of the top 10 companies where I would love to work. Then, I would log into my job search account, click employers, and read the company profile of each company and then check to see if they had available positions – in my job search account and on the company web site.

If I knew someone who worked at any of the companies, I would make contact and ask if he/she could forward my resume to the appropriate person. Anyone who helps me in this way would get a handwritten thank-you letter (unless I get a job out of it and then maybe I would add a tray of homemade Baklava at the holidays!).

Once all this was done, I would start with a letter a day and review 10 companies in my job search account that I never thought about and read their profiles. I might wait until after midterms, though.

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
-Walter Elliott


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Effie Patitsas

Effie Patitsas is the Engineering Career Services Office Manager.