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Use winter break to assess your job search

This is an exciting time of year with students deciding among offers and others increasing their job search efforts. Those of you who have not accepted employment shouldn’t despair. There will be opportunities next quarter. You should take advantage of break to reconsider your job search strategy.

Sometimes, employers ask me to print out candidate resumes. You gave us permission to do so when you signed your registration card. Sometimes the resumes are bad. They may have misspelled or misused words, formatting errors or other problems. I cringe when an employer points out errors on a student’s resume. Don’t count on spell check. It will not pick up word usage errors. One student wrote that he maintained an impressive grade point average while working 40 hours weakly (vs. weekly.) If it has been a while since you have had your resume reviewed, have it done again before winter quarter recruiting gets underway. Our advisors are here over break and have pretty open schedules. Based on how things went last year, I know you will not be able to get a resume review appointment if you ask me in February. Get ready for the Feb. 11 Career Fair now or by early January.

If you have had many interviews and no offers, consider meeting with an advisor to go over some of the interview questions that were difficult. What is it that propelled another candidate over you? Are you presenting your experience in a positive manner? Even your greatest weakness should convey something positive about your character or work ethic.

Preparation counts! Be among those we will be congratulating at the end of next quarter.

"You may delay, but time will not."
-Benjamin Franklin


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Effie Patitsas

Effie Patitsas is the Engineering Career Services Office Manager.