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Student Perspective: Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

This entry features guest writer James Rule, who is a senior welding engineering student...

It's been my experience thus far that at a young age of being a freshman or sophomore, you start hunting and dreaming of jobs that pay a lot of money and what you will do with all this money. All good and fine. It is also my experience that a majority of my classmates went looking for the highest paying jobs first, fairly obvious. Now to my personal experience thus far in my short life and shorter career, money isn't everything. That's right, I said it. Money is nowhere near everything. I am sure that eventually everyone will get to this point in their careers but sometimes it's too late to change. There are so many more factors that a student or young professional should ask themselves before they accept an offer, or even before they job hunting.

Now it is fair to ask, “What would make me happy?” Really take time to think about this concept. A lot of things have to happen for happiness to ensue. Now is the time to start thinking about those terms and conditions, money aside. Get to the core of the feeling and think about what really makes you tick, what makes you satisfied.

Now look at a job description. Look at the company profile. What is your first impression about the job, about the company? Now think about the terms and conditions of your happiness and satisfaction. Is this part of my personal policy? What about my ethics? Does this company value honesty and integrity over money? What about my faith, my religion? Will this company in some way change my faith or beliefs? Will I be proud to work for this company? What about the job? Is it as exciting as they say it is? Is it something I will enjoy, or is just a paycheck? Do I see myself doing this for most of my life?

Continue with all these questions and really evaluate the job, the company, and yourself. Really learn yourself. Find the passion you hold inside. When it all boils down, for a few years making money may be all you will care about. But I can guarantee that at some point, near or far, you are going to want a better reason to get out of bed in the morning.

"Find a job you like and you add five days to every week."
-H. Jackson Browne


Authored by an ECS guest.