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What to do if an employer won't take your resume

It can be frustrating when you are waiting in line, resume in hand, to speak with an employer at a career fair or other employer event, only to find that when your turn comes around that the employer won't take your resume...

Why do they do this?


Most likely they have been directed by their Human Resources and Legal Departments to direct all interested applicants to the company website or to a specific email belonging to the University Relations or Talent Acquisition teams. Some may have travelled to the event by plane and can't fit it all in their luggage. Others are simply concerned that they will be unable to get your resume in the right hands once back at the office.



What to do next?



Ask the employer what they suggest:




  • Is there a specific person or email address I can direct the resume to?

  • Should I fill out an online profile or application through the company web site?

  • Can I have your contact information and email the resume to you?





One way or another you will be able to get your resume in the hands of a recruiter in the company - keep in mind that employers are investing large amounts of money and time in attending these events for the sole purpose of making contact with candidates like you!



"No great achievement is possible without persistent work."
-Bertrand Russell




Authored by Elisabeth Zimowski.



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