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Stress in a Good Way

I remember my first on-campus interview. I was so nervous I did not know what to say. I wore my roommate's jacket with the piano pin on it. I never played piano and was embarrassed to let the interviewer know that when he asked about it. Fortunately, I was honest and explained that I wanted to look as polished as possible for the interview and had to borrow a jacket.

I see many of you waiting in our lobby for your interviews and can tell you are nervous too (and some of you may be wearing your roommate's jacket). A little stress is a good thing, as long as you use it in a positive way. Prepare for that interview, get a haircut, polish your dress shoes and iron your best or borrowed clothes. So, when the interviewer calls your name, stand up, smile as you approach, and extend your hand for a firm handshake. Make the first impression a positive one.


Employers want to know that you want the job. They don't mind if you are nervous, as long as you can seem interested and prepared for the interview. Show enthusiasm and let stress work in a good way to motivate you to do your best.



"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right."
-Henry Ford






About the author

Effie Patitsas

Effie Patitsas is the Engineering Career Services Office Manager.