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Advantages of Experience

Immediate Benefits

  • Inside look at careers, companies, even locations
  • Learn job search process, including how to create a resume, apply, interview, follow up, and negotiate offers
  • Coursework becomes more meaningful.  You begin seeing the value of your coursework, can apply on-the-job learning, and can make better choices of technical electives

​Future Benefits

  • Increases senior-year interview opportunities. Related work experience is second only to students’ major field in hiring decisions
  • Possible job offer at graduation.  ~50% of students who intern/co-op accept positions with their co-op or intern employer upon graduation
  • Higher starting salary. Students who have co-op/intern experience report 9%+ in starting pay than students without similar experience
  • ​Stronger resume = happier senior job search!

    Student interns doing the O-H-I-O at Goodyear tire