2023 Employer of the Year Award Winner

Congrats to the winner of the 2023 Employer of the Year Award, Marathon Petroleum Company! 

Below are excerpts from the nomination submitted by Electrical  Engineering student, Brian Walasinski, who worked there during the Spring and Summer 2023 semesters. 

My recruiter was always available to give more information on any questions I may have about the position or the area I was moving to. The interviews were all very positive and well conducted to get a better picture of my strengths overall. They also were great at giving me time to look over my offer and decide.

They had a week long orientation program. In this program we learn everything from the history of MPC (Marathon Petroleum Company) to how the business operates. We had small little class like segments about the supply chain, different groups within MPC, programs and softwares that we will use throughout our internship, as well as meet and greets with our teams and executive managements for the division. During this orientation we were also encouraged to meet some of the other interns that are living in the same area.

MPC scheduled an intern meeting every week for the interns to either learn about the company and our supply chain, or to have a little activity during work for us to meet other interns. MPC scheduled lunches with a lot of the upper management from different parts of the business and had us fill out information about ourselves so we can meet some of the executives of MPC and MPL (Marathon Pipe Line). Marathon also has us working with our division management at times and has us meeting to present our final presentations to division management. During my time at marathon, I have been able to explore a lot of different local restaurants in the Findlay area during professional lunches as well as visiting local shops for various work related things.

My supervisor and I met every week at least once if not more, and his door was always open if I needed to discuss any problems or ask any questions. My supervisor also helped to sort out questions I had about rehiring process and end of term requirements. My Mentor has always been incredibly helpful and was always available whenever I had questions. My mentor and supervisor also worked to allow me to visit multiple different field sites to see how Marathon’s pipeline facilities operate.

Marathon has helped me expand my skill set beyond engineering and has helped expand my data analytics and data organization skills. Marathon has also helped me engage in a professional environment and connect with my colleagues on a professional level through my work. Marathon has also provided me the opportunity to learn more about an often antagonized industry, and they have taught me about the often overlooked extreme safety measures the industry has to insure disasters don’t occur.

MPC deserves the “Employer of the Year” Award because overall this has been the best internship I’ve had with a company. MPC has given me serious meaningful work that has helped developed my skill sets as an employee and as an engineer, and they have helped facilitate me going out and meeting my fellow interns to help mitigate the shock of moving to a new city far away from friends and family. MPC has also at every opportunity put my person learning as a priority in holding multiple sessions to teach the interns opportunities within marathon, the supply chain, as well as the industry as a whole. Overall, I have not had an internship that has dedicated so much time and effort into not only giving interns meaningful work but also educating the interns on all the working pieces of the work. Their focus on education has helped me better understand how my work affects not only MPC but also the average person who uses products of our refining process. Overall, MPC’s focus on education and pushing their interns to be the best they can have made this experience my incredible for me.


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