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2018 Employer of the Year Award Winner

Congrats to the winner of the 2018 Employer of the Year Award, Depuy Synthes. Below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted by their respective interns. 

"At the beginning of my work term, I was assigned an engineer as my mentor. The mentor took me under his wing, and allowed me to join in and assist him on the projects he was working on. This included allowing me to join in on weekly meetings, walking me through step by step on terminology I did not understand in meetings, and taking the time to make sure I was understanding the principals behind the instruments I was working on. After I became comfortable, he allowed me to take the reigns on a few projects and he would pop in daily to check to see if I had questions over them or he came in because I had asked him to review my work. The mentorship he provided truly set the standard on what it means to be an ethical engineer in today's society. I believe after closely working with him, I am one step closer to fully understanding what it truly means to be an engineer."

"I have had several jobs since graduating high school, and none of them have been as rewarding and helpful as this one. DePuy Synthes truly encompasses the core of what a co-op is all about: gaining knowledge from professionals in your desired field in order to apply what you've learned in class and gain experience. DePuy has encouraged me to apply what I have learned thus far and challenged me to go beyond that and leave my comfort zone to truly embrace this learning experience. The staff has taken the time to teach me more concepts and practices I did not already know and also taken the time to elaborate on areas where I have a strong footing in thanks to my classes. There has not been a position I have held where I have been treated with more respect by my coworkers, learned more from those around me, or have been able to dive into the biomedical engineering field as DePuy Synthes has allowed me. They deserve this award for encompassing the true meaning of co-op."

2018 Employer of the Year Nominees


Captial One 


Depuy Synthes


Elford, Inc.

Thicon Endo Surgery



Kuhn North America

L Brands - Mast Global

Mettler Toledo 

NASA Kennedy Space Center


Southwest Airlines

The J.M. Smucker Co.