2016 Employer of the Year Award Winner

Congrats to the winner of the 2016 Employer of the Year Award. Below are excerpts from the nominations that were submitted by their respective interns.

“I would not have been able to gain this much experience if Battelle had not tailored my experience to my career goals. The selflessness as well as the impact on society at Battelle is unmatched.”

“[T]hey have provided me with the perfect start to my career by giving me a manageable amount of work in each of my fields of interest and the support system necessary to succeed.”

“I grew professionally by interacting with different types of employees (managers, scientists, senior scientists, sales, vice president of engineering, etc.) and learning how a large corporation works and how to act in a professional setting.”

2016 Employer of the Year Nominees

American Structurepoint, Inc

Apple Inc

Battelle Memorial Institute


Dow Chemical Company

Johnson & Johnson

Marathon Petroleum

Miles-McClellan Construction

Neighborhood Design Center



United Airlines