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Etiquette/attire links

What do you do with that extra spoon at dinner? What does business casual dress mean? Review these links to find out! Please note: each etiquette/attire link opens a new window.

Appropriate attire is a must
From JobWeb, a brief guide on what to wear to an interview.
Art of interviewing well
From JobWeb, different employers' reactions to interview attire, as well as general interview help.
CuisineNet's American Table Manners
A review of basic dining behavior for business (and other important) dinners.
Dining Etiquette
A summary of table manners you should know and practice, courtesy of Ball State University's Career Center.
Dressing the part
From JobWeb, some advice from employers about how to dress for an interview.
Tips for dining with prospective employers
From JobWeb, learn about basic dining etiquette.